Avon Press-On Nails: Ah! So Beautiful

Press-on NailsTry the Avon Nail Art Press-On Nails and see your hands transformed.  Get a mess-free, glue-free manicure in an instant!

These nails are pre-polished, easy to apply, won’t chip, won’t scuff, and won’t fade. They are available in four fun designs and can be cut or filed down. Each package has 24 press-on nails. The “Go Graphic” includes a design variation for an accent nail.

For Best Results:

  • Avoid contact with water at least 1 hour after application.
  • Press each nail one more time after 30 minutes from application. Each nail has a pressure-sensitive adhesive, so it will increase adhesion strength if you press each nail one more time, as suggested.
  • Do not use cuticle oil or lotion after application.

PRICE: Regular: $10.00; During Campaign 14 2016 (June 10-23), the nails are on sale for $3.99.

Shop at http://www.youravon.com/jdinkins. As a first-time customer, you can use code WELCOME or THANKYOU20 to receive a one-time discount on your order. On orders of $40 or more, you will qualify for free direct delivery.

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