Your Signature Look–A Powerful Statement


A signature look is the holy grail of personal style. It is the best starting point for any style journey. Having a signature look signifies a considerable amount of self-knowledge: you know what you like, who you are and what suits you. This confidence or rather, authenticity, enhances what you are trying to express through your look and makes it all the more powerful.

Your style journey is about who you are and how you express it via fashion, makeup, and personality. How do you describe your style? How do others describe your style? If you were asked to dress a mannequin to match your style, what would you choose?  What foundation pieces?  Which accessories?  What color palette? 

More interesting, if you asked your friends or colleagues to dress the mannequin, how would they? How would they perceive your style? Would it be true to form? 

Creating your signature look means knowing who you are and choosing elements that reflect that knowledge. It’s your style. It’s your palette-statement to being beautiful in your own way.

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