Getting Low-Value Tasks Done

We are all faced with those little tasks that must be done but are considered low-valued ones. We know they are there, but we don’t get to them. The problems: these low-value tasks don’t go away; they can pile up; they may become stressors. What to do? Dories Clark, writing in the Harvard Business Review (February 14, 2017), suggested 3 strategies that can be implemented to help us make time for low-value tasks we tend not to get to.

1. Batch your  less important tasks and accomplish them in one fell swoop, creating a sense of momentum.

2. Identify small blocks of time in your schedule. This is typically 15 to 30 minutes each day. Match these blocks of time with low-value tasks that need to  be accomplished.

3. Procrastinate strategically. You want to weigh the value of the opportunity cost of doing/not doing the task and set your timeliness for getting the work done. 

A high-value task: taking care of yourself. 

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How to apply True Color makeup





Complete your makeup look in 4 easy steps with Avon True Color Makeup. Learn how to perfect your lip look and finish off your eyes in this makeup tutorial.

First create the perfect lip color by applying Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick in Spring Lilac, a full coverage lipstick with lasting color and conditioning care. Nourishing Lipstick is infused with jojoba oil, vitamin E, collagen and lanolin. Then line lips with Avon True Color Glimmersticks Lip Liner in Clear to help prevent feathering and perfect the edges.

Next apply True Color SuperExtend Nourishing Mascara to make lashes look longer, feel healthier and conditioned without clumping, smudging or flaking. The flexi-brush gently coats each lash with a fortifying formula, without tugging or pulling. SuperExtend Nourishing Mascara is enriched with argan oil, coconut oil and vitamin E.

Avon True Color means the color you buy is the color you apply. Now all your favorite lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows and nail enamel have Avon’s acclaimed True Color technology, designed to give you the natural flawless look you want, nothing less. Rich pigments are blended into our high-quality formulas for guaranteed color that stays true all day.


Live life beautifully with NEW true color

Avon True Color means the color you buy is the color you apply. Now all your favorite lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadows and nail enamel have Avon’s acclaimed TRUE COLOR technology, designed to give you the natural flawless look you want…nothing less.

Rich pigments are blended into our clear and pure formulas for guaranteed color that stays true all day.


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