Ways to Have a Great Thanksgiving Day

Don’t become overwhelmed during the Thanksgiving season.  Find ways to enjoy the holidays without becoming stressed.

  1. Take Your Morning “Time In”: Take some time to yourself at the very beginning of the day (10 minutes). Think about all the people you love and appreciate. Think about how grateful you are to have everything you already have in your life. Then take 3 deep breaths and really let that feeling settle in.
  2. Make It Fun and Easy: Do whatever you can for yourself and those around you to make the planning, food preparation, clean-up and the whole Thanksgiving experience as easy, fun and stress-free as possible. This means we keep it light, share the responsibilities, ask others for help and do the things that we enjoy doing, instead of burdening ourselves and feeling like a victim about it all. Thanksgiving can be lots of fun if we’re willing to go with the flow and make it easy on ourselves and for others.
  3. Take a Nap:  If you are planning to participate in a Black Friday shopping excursion, it is important to catch some z’s before doing so. You may also want to prepare for the hectic event by checking out certain coupons and opening times for your favorite stores.
  4. Shop online:  Avoid the crowds and enjoy shopping in the comfort of your home for those Black Friday sales.  Relax and enjoy the holiday season!



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