Tool Kit for the Avon Beauty Boss




Join my team from July 11 through August 6, 2018, and get your starter kit for 10.

Sign up at Use reference code JDINKINS.


SIGNUP–Choose from 3 kits, starting at just $25, which give you all the essentials you need to get you up and running.

SHARE–Hand out Avon brochures to family and friends and put your free Avon eStore to work so your customers can shop with you 24/7.

EARN–Work where you want, when you want and you can earn up to 40% on all sales and more than $1,000 in 90 days with our new KickStart program.


  • Earn trips to great vacation destinations
  • Earn prizes like money, flat screen TVs, even cars!
  • Design, create and print business tools for free
  • Enjoy education benefits & tuition discounts to keep your career moving
  • Access highly rated health, dental and vision insurance plans
  • Receive discounts on voice, data and WiFi service for all your digital devices

Become an Avon Beauty Boss: Click this link to start your journey “to Boss Life.” If required to list a reference code on the form, use JDINKINS.



Avon publishes “What’s New” for representatives at least two campaigns beforehand.  Avon’s “What’s New” Brochure, also known as Avon Demo Books, is a “tool kit” used by Avon Representatives to order—at discounted prices–demo products, sales tools, samples, and new products before the corresponding consumer brochure is posted.
By purchasing this “tool kit” of products, Avon Representatives can give customers the opportunity to experience the scent of a fragrance, the feel of a moisturizer, and the quality of a garment—before they buy. Also included in this “Tool Kit,” are tips that Avon Representatives can use to help customers may decisions that are based on their skin type and preferences, for example.
When ordering items from “What’s New,” Avon representatives earn the advantage to buy more of each demo, unless there is a “no demo limit.” This advantage is based upon the Representative’s sales level.  Representatives who are Contenders can buy 1 of each demo; those in the President’s Club, 3 of each; Honor Society, 5 of each; Rose Circle, 10 of each; and McConnell Club and Above, 15 of each demo.











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